5 Best SaaS Communication Tools Every Small Business Must Have

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with cloud technology is not new. In fact, many businesses have been enjoying its benefits for quite some time. These tools can help you get everything in line with your business plans, goals and processes. It also prevents oversight and miscommunication problems in the future.

Here are some of the most useful SaaS products.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts makes it easier to make a group voice or video call whether you are connecting to people internally or externally to the organization. Add to that, Hangouts permits users to stream to YouTube to host live hangouts.


This SaaS tool is a virtual phone system. Its creator is the same guy behind the UberConference and Google Voice. Switch is very user-friendly with features and functionality you can hope for in your company’s phone system.


If you have multiple remote team members, PukkaTeam is the best SaaS tool to help you out when reaching out to them. It is a video chat tool to stay in touch with your team. It gives the feeling that you are indeed working in a team rather than a lone person by taking a screenshot of everyone when the person feels like it (or you can set it to take a screenshot every few minutes).


This SaaS tool brings all your work communication together. This builds up your virtual office where you can chat your teammates and sync all your other remote tools. This way, you can check where they are at in your current project and if everyone can hit the deadline.


Grasshopper lets you answer every customer call with utmost professionalism. It can also make your small business seem like a bigger company with automated greeting to welcome every caller and then direct them to designated departments of employee.

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