5 Must-Know Types of Investors for Your Startups

Investors are important players in any industry. They help businesses start, grow and thrive. The budding entrepreneurs need to know which type of investor they need to look for and the best practice to approach them.


One way banks make money is by investing in various businesses. They are, after all, the classic place to get a business loan. However, banks have been more risk-averse and tend to lean more on businesses that can guarantee returns. Banks lend to startups, but the process is too taxing and too long. To get approved, you need a collateral or proof of revenue stream.

Venture capitalists

You can capture the interest of venture capitalists only if your business is able to show a significant amount of revenue. Since this type of investors put in a significant amount of money, they expect to gain returns from the profits of a hedge fund or private equity.

Personal investors

Certain business owners also rely on their family. Even Donald Trump got a loan from his own father to build up his business. But most family and friends can invest only a certain amount. Do not forget to document every cent and the agreed conditions.

Angel investors

Angel investors invest in startups only if they are convinced that they can gain from it. They may ask questions on how you will handle your business operations as they would want to give tips on how to steer it into success. Remember that most angel investors are entrepreneurs themselves. To approach them, you may want to find a person who can recommend your business to angel investors. This person may be found in your community groups.

Private Lenders

There are private lenders who are also willing to help startups plant their roots. Some offer secured loans while others have unsecured. The process is faster than the business loans in banks. However, make sure to understand the loan contract and choose a reputable lender to avoid fraud.

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