How to Create a User Friendly Website

A user-friendly website is not done in sheer luck. These are done by professionals who have enough experience to know how to make the business objectives meet the wants of the customers. A user-friendly website means that visitors can easily find and do what they want. This means you can convert them into actual sales too.

Here are some tips if you are just starting up and you want to build your own company website.

Mobile-First Navigation

You have to take note of the fact that your web visitors are using different devices. From tablets to iPad and smartphones, your website must be neat and responsive no matter what size of the device they are using. With this fact, Google also takes note of the mobile version of websites first before it peeks into the desktop versions.

Simple Navigation

Nothing is more frustrating than too much scrolling and clicking just to get to the information you want on a website. You need to plan your website well that your users can easily get to what they need in just a few taps or scrolls. Keep sub navigations a minimum as possible.

Simple Logo

You will also need a logo that is both catchy and recognizable. Don’t make your users guess your brand identity. Put your logo on the top or top left corner. Make it clickable and it should redirect the users back to the homepage.

Clear Call-to-Actions

You want to help your users do any activity they want to do in just a few clicks. Make sure that your Call-to-Actions are clear so they will know what action is required or recommended in your page.

Make Simple Content

Let go of flowery words. People are more interested in how you can help them rather than hard selling. As much as possible avoid using industry jargon. Make them understand what you have in store for them and how they can avail it.

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